by elektronikengel

How To Scisyhp

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How To Evael

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John M. Bennett

Clemente Padin

PeaceDreamRefuse by

Jim Leftwich


Rosario Carles

"Networking VII"

Paul Tiilila

"in solidarity"

Susan Gold


Giovanni Fontana

"Los derechos de la naturaleza I - III"

Eduardo Acosta

Susan Gold Smith

"Connetctions I & II"

Eszter Láng

Anna Boschi

Caterina Davino

Chat Love - Water - My Perfect Happiness

Emerenciano Rodrigues


Oronzo Liuzzi

PC - Application

Mac-Users need Virtual PC


Hugo Pontes

Antonio Orihuela


"Text about Mail Art"

Henning Mittendorf

"esferas absurdo"

José Alburo

Driving down your freeway
I'm just looking for some
Gas, gas, gas
Get that gasoline, get that gasoline
Yes it's hard to find
Running on empty
I've been searching so long
Riding looking for the cheapest
From station to station
Beep, beep, and beep, beep, yeah
You better slow down
I need some gas man
Come up to the pump
I said listen hear man
Is that all that you get for your money?
Chevron-Exxon-Marathon-Speedway-Sunoco-Amoco Conoco-
Super Shell-Mobil-Bp-Hess-Gulf-Citgo-Texaco
It's all the same
It's all too much!
Get that gas in the car
Get this gas in the car
Lets go
I'm on the road again

John Faucett

Henning Mittendorf

Artestudio Morandi


"1 st universe end tell"

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Reed Altemus


Lothar Trott

"tsunamy sweeps, insignificant we. how are you can see? to infinity."

Carole Starr

"contributions for univers I"

Freddy Flores Knistoff

"contributions for univers II"

Freddy Flores Knistoff


César Reglero

Maria Teresa Schiavino

"for UNI V (H)ER S E"

Vittore Baroni

"Everything I do is Poetry"

Jas W Felter